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Dining & Bar


Enjoy an unforgettable holiday in our magical environment
experiencing the taste of thefood of different cultures
from around the world, prepared with much love care by our chefs.


We bring different cultures in one table

Bring your loved ones and experience the taste of some specialties you have never triedbefore. Prepared in a way only chefs in Pinea Hotel can.


Experience only the best in our resort

The fresh and unique recipes, the taste of which you will only taste in our restaurant.


Details creates perfection

Come and taste the food from all around the world only in our resort. You will be able to feel the unique savor ad the real taste of original recipes

Food Feeling

Follow the flavors of our drinks
and feel the aroma of our fresh food!


Fresh and unique flavor!

Come and enjoy unique moments at Pinea Hotel, experiencing the perfect taste of various drinks prepared with a lot of love.


Just for your unique taste!

Refresh the warm days by choosing your favorite cocktail, non-alcoholic or with alcohol. For us, it is a pleasure to bring you your favorite taste.


Professional mixologists for perfect creations!

We have gathered the best mixologists in our resort to create different sorts of cocktails and drinks just to make your stay and experience with us unforgettable.

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Step into a home that
completely spoils the sense